Thanks to the services of the Shopmobility team, Trisha can be confident to enjoy her outings.

Trisha sitting on a scooter outside of Shopmobility Chester

Trisha sitting on her scooter outside Shopmobility Chester.

Meet Trisha, a long-time volunteer/board member for Dial West Cheshire and advocate for disabled people’s rights in Cheshire.   

Trisha, herself, has mobility issues and has been a keen customer and member of Dial West Cheshire Shopmobility for many years.   

“My ability to walk any distance is restricted,” says Trisha, “so I rely on a scooter to enable me to get around town centre with the same ease as people without mobility challenges.  I am fortunate that I have a car, but for someone with restricted mobility, neither a car nor a bus can meet all your needs.  I would find it challenging, for example, to get all that far from the accessible carpark and I certainly wouldn’t be able to go to more than a very limited distance on any trip out, if I had to rely on walking.”   

After years of hiring scooters from Shopmobility, Trisha has now acquired her own scooter.  So why is the Shopmobility service still so important to her?  

Trisha recalls a situation. She loves, on warm and beautiful days, to go to Grosvenor Park. On one occasion, her scooter had a malfunction, leaving her stranded on a path in the middle of the park. She called Shopmobility, who came to her rescue by bringing her a replacement scooter and taking her malfunctioning scooter back to the workshop for repairs.  Without Shopmobility, Trisha’s stranding could have been traumatic, and she would think twice about going to the park again. It should never feel like a risk for a disabled person to enjoy a public park. Thanks to the services of the Shopmobility team, Trisha can be confident to enjoy her outings, knowing she has backup if she needs it. 

If you would like to learn more about the services Shopmobility offer, join us to celebrate National Shopmobility Awareness day on Friday 7th June. We have events taking place at all of our Shopmobility sites across Chester & West Cheshire and would be delighted if you, our valued customers, would join us.

Please do pop along for a little refreshment and the opportunity to celebrate all that our Shopmobility services offer to members of our community. Find out more, here