Purple Tuesday is coming

Purple Tuesday logo and staplineTuesday 13 November is going to be Purple Tuesday. The day will enable and encourage retailers (and other customer-facing businesses) across the UK and online to introduce new measures to make the shopping experience more inclusive and accessible for disabled customers.

As we know from our own experiences, some disabled shoppers can be worried by overcrowding in shops, and they will walk away from a shop that is not accessible, or its customer service is poor. The government is supporting this initiative to improve the disabled customer experience not only because it is the right thing to do but because there is a commercial reason for making sure that shops, and restaurants, pubs and clubs are inclusive and accessible. Estimates put the spending power of disabled people and their families (the ‘Purple Pound’) at £249bn.

Dial West Cheshire hopes to do its bit to support retailers in the local area.

So, if you think a business could do something to improve its service to disabled customers, make sure it knows about Purple Tuesday.