Eaton Hall Gardens Charity Open Days 2018

Throughout the summer of 2018, our Shopmobility team have been hard at work in partnership with Eaton Hall supporting arrangements for disabled access at their annual Charity Garden Open Days.


This partnership supports the estate to meet its responsibilities under the Equality Act 2010 and provides a valuable service for disabled people attending the events. Specific, access-related information for disabled people and their families has been made available on the event website, which states that Eaton Estate aims to provide an enjoyable experience for all visitors. The paper-based event guide also includes access information, including an accessible route around the gardens.

The beautiful gardens at Eaton Hall.

Dial West Cheshire provided a ‘mobility stand’, located close to the blue-badge parking area, adjacent to the Entrance Gate (West).  This provides free hire of mobility scooters, wheelchairs and other equipment. The mobility stand is staffed by the charity’s workers, including disabled volunteers, and acts as an identifiable point of contact for disability-related enquiries.


Our mobility equipment (e.g. mobility scooters and wheelchairs etc.) was used by many visitors at each of the three events over the summer.  Our first booking of the season at the very first event occurred before the gates had even opened to the public!


All users of our service were accompanied by family members or friends and were thoroughly pleased to see Eaton Estate meeting its aim “to provide an enjoyable experience for all visitors”.


One of our happy guests said, “Your service made it possible for my mother to see all of the gardens – so much more than we expected!! Thank you”

Our stand at the event with satisfied customers.

This service is invaluable for guests with disabilities and makes a real difference to their comfort and enjoyment of events. If you would like to discuss making your event accessible for everyone, please get in touch with us here.