Dial Shopmobility allows Patricia to be spontaneous

Patricia, a self-described busy person and enthusiastic member of Dial’s Shopmobility Service.Meet Patricia, a self-described busy person and enthusiastic member of Dial’s Shopmobility Service.   She thrives on being active in her community and has previously served as a local TU Negotiating Secretary, travelling all over Cheshire. She loved this role.

Living with MS since 2001, her condition worsened in 2021.  Consequently, her mobility has significantly declined.  She now relies on mobility aids such as rollators, wheelchairs and mobility scooters.  Where mobility issues impose a limit, these tools become lifelines that improve access.

MS may have put a dent in her mobility,  but it has not changed who she is or what she wants from life.

Hiring a scooter means all of Chester city centre is at her disposal, on equal footing with her friends and family.  She values the freedom that she gets from being able to do activities with others and – importantly – on her own.

“Being able to access Chester to shop, meet friends and attend events is what makes me happy.  The positive impact on my mental health is immeasurable.

I love being able to meet up with others or to go out with my family – but equally, it’s really important to me to be able to go out on my own.  Like anyone, I occasionally just want some time alone.”

It’s an under-appreciated fact that people with mobility issues must be extremely organized to undertake ordinary activities.  This is because so many support services need to be booked days in advance. The advantage of having a staffed centre means that Patricia has that opportunity to wake up in the morning and decide she fancies a trip into town.   “I appreciate that I can call and reserve a scooter without a lot of notice. Dial Shopmobility allows me to be spontaneous.”