Shopmobility Conditions of Hire

Customer Agreement & Declaration

    I declare that I:

  • have received and understood the instructions for operating the following equipment
  • confirm that I do not suffer from any condition that might impair my ability to safely operate the equipment hired by me
  • agree to inform DIAL West Cheshire in writing of any condition or change that might affect my ability to operate equipment safely
  • agree to demonstrate my ability to use the equipment safely to the satisfaction of staff undertaking the assessment whenever I am asked
  • will agree the area where the equipment will be used
  • accept responsibility for recovery costs (eg taxi fare) in the case of accident or breakdown outside of the agreed area
  • understand that extensions to a days hire will be charged at the full daily rate or multiples thereof
  • will not overload the equipment or allow anyone else (including children) to ride on or use it
  • accept full responsibility for all equipment whilst in my care
  • understand that I use the equipment at my own risk and that DIAL West Cheshire accepts any liability or responsibility for any injury, loss or damage to either myself, other persons or property
  • understand that I am subject to the insurance in place at the location of hire
  • agree that in the event I make a claim for accidental injury or damage and I can also claim under another insurance policy, I will tell you the insurance company name and policy number and I understand you will only pay your share of a claim
  • agree to report any accident or incident involving loss or damage to any equipment, other persons or property
  • agree to report any operating faults or other problems encountered with the equipment to allow remedial action to be taken prior to further use
  • agree not to take any long term loan equipment outside the United Kingdom (unless specifically agreed in writing)
  • understand that the speed limit for powered equipment is 4mph on footpaths
  • understand that pedestrians have right of way
  • consent to Dial West Cheshire recording and sharing information about me in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) on the understanding that my personal details will not be passed on to anyone else without my permission
  • understand that, in the interests of my safety, if equipment is not returned by the expected time you will try to contact me and may also notify the police