Cheryl with members of staff outside Dial HouseCheryl started volunteering with Dial after contacting our advice service to get some information about a wheelchair roof box on her car.  At the time, Cheryl was looking for a job.  From the beginning, Cheryl impressed us.  She is naturally so empathic and diligent!  We asked her to join Dial as a volunteer as it can be a great way to boost skills, confidence and your cv, while job searching.

Cheryl initially started with us as a telephone befriender, giving a support call to an individual once a week.  She also had excellent admin skills and additionally helped with uploading data to our online management information systems.  This was perfect, as Cheryl was able to work from home while Covid still impacted our services.

After she got her wheelchair roof box, Cheryl was able to start coming into the office.  It has been a pleasure to work with her.  Not only is she efficient, her infectious laugh also brightens up a room.  What a positive person! She also happens to be phenomenal at our office party quizzes!

Cheryl says of volunteering with Dial.  “It was really nice to be offered a volunteer position that built on my previous skills.   It was nice to feel useful again after finishing work and trying everything to get back into full employment.”

What has she learned?  Cheryl says volunteering has been really helpful to keep up to date with new software and have contemporary skills and experiences to draw on and highlight in interview.  Cheryl has many attributes to offer a new employer, but it doesn’t hurt to know how to use the scanner on photocopier!

Cheryl recently landed a full-time job which means she has had to leave us.  While it is always sad to say goodbye to a volunteer, there is nothing better than to see people achieve their ultimate goal of employment.  DWC wishes Cheryl all the best in her new role.

June 2024