Our Vision

Dial West Cheshire’s vision is a society where disabled people and older people can participate equally as full citizens.

Our Mission

Our aim is to empower disabled people and older people to live sustained, independent lives. Our objectives are to:

  • Reduce poverty and improve economic status.
  • Reduce social isolation.
  • Improve health and well being.
  • Raise awareness of needs and aspirations.
  • Provide opportunities for volunteering, training and employment.

Our Values

  • Promote and seek implementation of the Social Model of Disability, through our own work and by working with partners, in recognition that people with impairments are disabled by attitudinal, environmental and institutional barriers in society.
  • Recognise and support the Equality, Diversity and Rights of disabled people.
  • Believe in an Inclusive Society in which all disabled people have the support necessary to participate fully.
  • Aim to be Trusted by those we help and work with.
  • Care about our people and our customers.
  • Aim to be a Beacon of Best Practice throughout our work.
  • Committed to Achieving Quality in the delivery of our work.