Dan, Shopmobility SupervisorI have suffered with various health conditions since my late teens and, although I have had some employment, I have not always been able to sustain working for an extended period. I have lots of skills but did not feel confident about working and often felt that I wasn’t being successful.

I have been at Dial West Cheshire for a number of years now. I have carried out administration and mentoring roles, provided information and advice and currently work at Dial West Cheshire’s Shopmobility service as a supervisor. I feel like I make a difference every single day and love interacting with staff (paid and volunteers) and our customers. I am a member of an important community in Cheshire West and I love how much Dial gives to the people of this area. The work is rewarding and fun.

In my current role as a Shopmobility Supervisor, I take bookings over the phone, welcome customers to our store and help to support and advise them in operating our equipment and making purchases. I love going the extra mile for our customers and have built good relationships with our many regulars.

I have had some really pleasing feedback. Recently, I reserved a wheelchair for a customer who had terminal cancer but didn’t think she’d need it. I kept it in reserve for her but didn’t charge a hire fee. She was delighted and made a special effort to come back in to say thank you at the end of her visit. It is these moments that make my work so rewarding.

My confidence has really grown since being employed by Dial West Cheshire. I enjoy coming into work every day. I have learned lots of new skills around supporting others and have met some amazing people. I no longer shy away from challenges and am much more self-reliant. I love working for Dial West Cheshire and I see the benefits of my work to our community every day.

Dan Houghton

March 2023