I have been volunteering at Dial House since October 2022. I had never heard of Dial House before I started here. Initially, I only wanted to get involved in voluntary work to fill up my free time as I have been out of work for a few months and I’m new to Chester.  I have just located to England.

After I tried a session in Dial House, I started to love this place; this charity is filled with loving hearts of the people I work with. I like the organization’s principles and ideals in helping the local community, particularly those people who are disabled, have mental health conditions and people who are facing difficulty in financial issues.

Dial House cooperates with Chester and West Cheshire Council for providing various services in disabled equipment, mentor service and helping people to claims social benefits and disability right etc.

My job role in Dial is handling everything related to the front office, greeting and meeting various people and listening to their unique life stories, answering phone calls, passing messages, confirming appointments, assisting the Citizen advisers’ job to help people in needs.

Dial House is a famous place in Chester’s local community.  This place is the way to help people to improve their daily life quality in social care, it’s the place to cheer people up and remain optimistic and stay in positive attitude in their life.

To work in Dial requires people who have the passion mind-set and willing to help people. I would like to share an experience during my work in Dial house. As everyone knows that the living cost is rising dramatically. A lot of people come to Dial House to seek for help to get through this difficult period. Just before last Christmas, I received a phone call from a middle-aged lady, who was having lots of pressure in her life. I could feel her that she was facing financial difficulty. She couldn’t provide enough food for her family during the Christmas.  I immediately passed the information to our lovely and helpful Citizen Adviser who help her out in a very short time. When I presented the food vouchers in that lady’s hand, she gave me a tight hug, she was a speechless with eyes full of tears. For that moment, I feel so touched with her appreciation.

There are lots of people like her who require immediate and desperate help, particularly for those who are disabled or have poor health conditions. They have difficulty to cope with their normal life.

I enjoy my volunteer work in Dial House.  It not only keeps me busy but also helping people is rewarding. It gives me delight and enjoyment to assist people needing this essential help from Dial House with lovely smiling faces.

Xiaoqin (known as Sherry)

February 2023

Unfortunately for us, and very fortunately for her, Xiaoqin found a job and has moved on from Dial West Cheshire before we could organise a photo of her. We have used another photo of our team of receptionists in her place.